Listing the 1337: Adventures in Curating HackerTwitter’s Institutional Knowledge

Our community is defined by our dedication to sharing process, resources, and knowledge freely with each other—yet, we lack a coherent strategy for keeping the firehose of information organized adequately for hackers and hacklings alike. The Sisyphean task of keeping up with the day’s developments plagues the busy professional, but Twitter’s algorithms rarely suit our purposes. Hackers (of all people!) ought to be up to the task of hacking together a way to curate our own content—on our own terms. It sure would be nice to be able to…

• give newbies a peek into the conversations happening among the most resourceful members of an intriguing subspecialty; • automatically rank resources based on the community reputations of those sharing a given URL; • study the way our own community shares information with itself—and learn how to communicate most effectively during crises like WannaCry; • generate daily|weekly digests of interesting threads & resources. This talk is a call to action to contribute your own knowledge to improve the curation. We’ve gotten it started: now it’s time for ya’ll to use it and help us make it the best tool it can be—made freely available to all hackers and hackers-to-be. <3

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