Nick Leghorn

Nick graduated from Penn State in 2010 where he studied cyber security risk analysis. He spent some time working for the Department of Homeland Security studying the risk posed to the United States by terrorist activities, moving to San Antonio in 2012 to start working at Rackspace Hosting in the Network Security department.

While working at Rackspace Hosting Nick designed and configured Intrusion Detection Sensor (IDS) solutions for hundreds of customers, including helping with the incident response and analysis of alerts generated by those devices.

Since leaving Rackspace Hosting, Nick has been working for numerous other companies in the local area tasked with designing and implementing an IDS solution to monitor traffic for hosted and local environments looking for attacks and other signs of compromise.

Nick last presented his talk titled "Risk Analysis for Dummies" at The Last Hope in New York City in July of 2010.

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IDS Configuration for Beginners