MS17-010 is the most important patch in operating systems history. The ultimate high profile and damaging attacks, such as WannaCry, NotPetya, and Olympic Destroyer, have taken advantage of the vulnerabilities patched in MS17-010. Created by Equation Group, and leaked by Shadow Brokers, the ETERNAL family of exploits provide the most reliable and creative ways for remote code execution on Windows ever performed. Unnoticed for over 20+ years, the mechanisms behind these exploits has only been scratched at the surface by researchers, and remains an enigma for most. Take years of research into Windows internals and the SMB protocol and cram it into 45 minutes. You simply can't. But this talk will try. Descriptions of full reverse engineering of internal structures and all historical background info needed to understand how the exploit chains for ETERNALBLUE, ETERNALCHAMPION, ETERNALROMANCE, and ETERNALSYNERGY work will be provided. Get detailed information about the historical and technical context for these vulnerabilities that will haunt us still for years to come.

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