Ninja Looting Like a Pirate

There is a vast amount of information that exist in the modern world. More so than has ever existed in any society at any time in the history of mankind. Companies, individual, organizations, and nations keep adding to this massive sea of data. Wouldn’t you like to get your hands on some of it? This presentation will show you how to do just that very thing with no tools. Simply using the right browser, search commands and Boolean logic. You will learn how to navigate and surf this ocean of information and find repositories that others a have placed online. Repositories a.k.a. loot which they believe to be safe from others but, in fact they are not. You will learn a few simple techniques that allow you to find their loot and take it for yourself or others. The techniques to accomplish this are not new, in fact they are very old by Information Technology time. However they are as relevant today as they were more than thirteen years ago when people first started to compile them. The techniques will enable you to sift through the haystack of information that you normally get when web searching to find the specific needles that you seek. These techniques will optimize your search time and provide a greater focus of the desired target than you have ever had before. All accomplished from a "search engine" you use every day.

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