Code Execution with JDK Scripting Tools & Nashorn Javascript Engine

There are several languages and methods used to execute code on a computer system, such as C#, Powershell, Python, VBA, and many more. The defense is getting better, which has caused the offense to adapt and look for innovative ways to “live off the land”. One area that has not been explored deeply is utilizing tools that the Java Development Kit (JDK) provides. According to a statement by Oracle, Java runs on 3 billion devices. Enterprises depend on Java running on their user endpoints and servers in order to keep their businesses running. This makes using tools installed with the JDK very enticing to attackers. This talk will explore using JDK command-line scripting tools and the Nashorn Javascript Engine to perform several actions, such as downloading files, executing scripts locally and remotely, and gaining a remote interactive shell to a computer system. Detective and preventive controls will also be discussed for the usage of these JDK scripting tools.

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