Goodbye Obfuscation, Hello Invisi-Shell: Hiding Your Powershell Script in Plain Sight

“The very concept of objective truth is fading out of the world. Lies will pass into history.” George Orwell. Objective truth is essential for security. Logs, notifications and saved data must reflect the actual events for security tools, forensic teams and IT managers to perform their job correctly. Powershell is a prime example of the constant cat and mouse game hackers and security personnel play every day to either reveal or hide the “objective truth” of a running script. Powershell’s auto logging, obfuscation techniques, AMSI and more are all participants of the same game playing by the same rules. We don’t like rules, so we broke them. As a result, Babel-Shellfish and Invisi-Shell—two new tools that both expose and disguise powershell scripts—were born. Babel-Shellfish reveals the inner hidden code of any obfuscated script while Invisi-Shell offers a new method of hiding malicious scripts, even from the Powershell process running it. Join us as we present a new way to think about scripts.

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