Paul Asadoorian (pauldotcom)

Paul Asadoorian is the founder and CEO of Security Weekly, a security podcast network providing free security information to the community and security market validation to a wide array of security companies. Paul is the primary host to several shows, including Paul’s Security Weekly, Enterprise Security Weekly, providing the security community with valuable knowledge. Paul is also a founding member of Active Countermeasures, a startup dedicated to providing reliable sources of actionable intelligence. Previously Paul has held positions at Tenable Network Security, penetration testing firms, university and other industries. Paul is an IANS faculty member and has presented at various security conferences including RSA, Derbycon, Brucon, SOURCE Conference and more. Paul loves Kung Fu movies, hacking, listening to old school rap and is currently training hard for being iced at Derbycon.

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Everything Else I Learned About Security I Learned From Hip-Hop