Saurabh Harit (@0xsauby)

Saurabh works at Spirent SecurityLabs as a Managing Security Consultant where he is primarily responsible for delivering penetration testing services to Spirent clients across the globe. During his industry experience of over 15+ years, Saurabh has worked across diversified industry verticals such as Banking, Aerospace, building solutions, Process & Control Systems and has developed expertise is various aspects of Information security. Saurabh specializes in web application & network security, with secret crush on binary reverse engineering. He has contributed towards proof-of-concept exploits and white papers in the infosec domain as well as delivered security trainings to various fortune 500 clients globally and at reputed security conferences such as CansecWest and Black Hat. Saurabh has presented his research at several security conferences including Derbycon, Toorcon, BSidesTO, Hack3rcon, Blackhat US & Europe Tools Arsenal, Blackhat Europe and is author of open-source tool, Yasuo (

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