Supporting Khan Fu

KhanFu has always been a labor of love. Since I first distributed an iPhone-based calendar for DEF CON in 2009 (DEF CON 17!), I've tried to support all the "big" cons, plus cons I'm personally attending, plus anything that anyone asks me to add in. (Except RSA. RSA is insane.)

Occasionally I'll have people ask me if they can donate anything for the service. So finally (inspired by bloggers I follow setting up Patreon accounts), I've decided to set up a simple campaign at GoFundMe.

Please, don't ever feel *compelled* to donate I said, I'm happy being able to help the community in some small way. But if you find KhanFu useful and would like to show your appreciation through means more substantive than tweets (which are always appreciated!), by sending me a few bucks, then please check out my GoFundMe page!

If you'd like a simpler donation option, you can also send me cash directly through Square Cash (as $DarthNull).

Donations are used to pay for hosting, upgrade gear I use for development, pay for snacks and drinks (gotta fund my self-contradictory habit of Snickers and Coke Zero), and also to help justify spending long evenings in front of a text editor. Huge thanks to all who have donated!