Next Generation Process Emulation with Binee

The capability to emulate x86 and other architectures has been around for some time. Malware analysts have several tools readily available in the public domain. However, most of the tools stop short of full emulation, halting or doing strange things when emulating library functions or system calls not implemented in the emulator. In this talk we introduce a new tool into the public domain, Binee, a Windows Process emulator. Binee creates a nearly identical Windows process memory model inside the emulator, including all dynamically loaded libraries and other Windows process structures. Binee mimics much of the OS kernel and outputs a detailed description of all function calls with human readable parameters through the duration of the process. We've designed Binee with two primary use cases in mind; data extraction at scale with a cost and speed similar to common static analysis tools, and second, for malware analysts that need a custom operating system and framework without the overhead of spinning up various configurations of virtual machines. Currently Binee can run on Windows, OS X, and Linux.

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