Process Injection Techniques - Gotta Catch Them All

When it comes to process injection in Windows, there are only 6-7 fundamental techniques, right? Wrong. In this talk, we provide the most comprehensive to-date “Windows process injection” collection of techniques. We focus on Windows 10 x64, and on injections from running 64-bit medium integrity process to another running 64-bit medium integrity process, without privilege elevation. We pay special attention to the new Windows protection technologies, e.g. CFG and CIG. We differentiate between memory write primitives and execution techniques, and discuss memory allocation strategies. Our collection is curated, analyzed, tabulated, with straight-forward, research-grade PoCs. We tested each technique against Windows 10 x64 with and without protections, and we report on the requirements, limitations, and quirks of each technique. And of course – no decent DEF CON presentation is complete without new attacks. We describe a new memory writing primitive which is CFG-agnostic. We describe a new “stack bombing” execution method (based on the memory write primitive above) that is inherently safe (even though overwriting the stack is a-priori a dangerous and destabilizing action). Finally, we release a library of all write primitives and execution methods, so users can generate “tailor-made” process injections.

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