Please Inject Me, a x64 Code Injection

Malware authors are always looking for new ways to achieve code injection, thereby allowing them to run their code in remote processes. Code Injection allows hackers to better hide their presence, gain persistence and leverage other processes’ data and privileges.

Finding and implementing new, stable methods for code injection is becoming more and more challenging as traditional techniques are now widely detected by various security solutions or limited by native OS protections.

Inject-Me is a new method to inject code to a remote process in x64. Inject-Me is in fact “injection-less” – the remote (target) process is manipulated to read data from the injecting process, copy and execute it. The manipulation is mainly based on abusing ReadProcessMemory and calling conventions in X64. In addition to presenting Inject-Me, the talk will mention a generalized approach to copying data in remote processes to recreate shellcode from the injecting process.

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