Dr. Bramwell Brizendine

Dr. Bramwell Brizendine graduated with a Ph.D. in Cyber Operations in May, 2019. He holds master's degrees in Computer Science and Information Assurance. Bramwell is a professor at Dakota State University where he teaches topics such as reverse engineering, software exploitation, and malware analysis. Bramwell is the creator of the the JOP ROCKET, or the Jump-oriented Programming Reversing Open Cyber Knowledge Expert Tool. Bramwell has been interested in code-reuse attacks for several years. Bramwell was overcome by the urge to present a tool that made JOP more practical and useful for hackers who may wish to attempt using this more arcane class of code-reuse attacks. The JOP ROCKET is a by product of his doctoral dissertation.

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The JOP ROCKET: A Supremely Wicked Tool for JOP Gadget Discovery, or What to Do If ROP Is Too Easy