DevOps For The Home

This is the story one man’s personal trip to the cloud (and back) as he rebuilds his home network in a devops model, supported by virtual private cloud service. This presentation takes a micro look at cloud services, and the benefits and risks that come along with it for the average home user, as well as the business. You shouldn’t be surprised to see that they are the same, just at a micro level. With realtime micro level data we can tell a story, without all the abstraction, that can sometimes reveal more than all this big data. With a glimpse into the detailed benefits of a DevOps environment supporting cloud integration, and featuring the feedback of the HomeNet CISO, ‘Security Cat’, we will have some fun stripping away all the pretty abstraction and explore the benefits of the integration of public cloud services. I said I would never do it, but alas, here I am, I’m in the cloud.

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