Software Defined Networking / Attacker Defined Networking

In this session, the topic of Software Defined Networking (SDN) will be explored from a security perspective. What SDN means today will be covered, using a lab setup using an OpenDaylight controller with networking gear from multiple vendors. Openflow, Netconf and Yang protocols will all be discussed, explored and exploited.

Security and reliability issues that result from the current state of SDN and today’s development methods will be discussed. Changes in the structure of IT groups that will be needed when deploying SDN will be outlined. How these factors will affect security operations will be discussed, as well as how SDN will affect audit, compliance and the use of IPS and SEIM solutions.

While the basics are all covered, this is not a “”what is SDN”” presentation - we’re all here to talk about security. With the groundwork laid, we’ll discuss the nuts and bolts of securing an SDN architecture, especially if it’s deployed as currently recommended. This will involve a discussion of what attack surfaces are exposed and how to defend them. Practical attacks will be used to demonstrate why ignoring security when deploying SDN will be a costly mistake!

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