The Effective Use of Cyber Ranges for Application Performance and Security Resilience – Train Like You Fight!

Organizations worldwide face a dangerous shortage of Cyber Warriors with the skills required to defend against cyber terrorism. This urgent situation is made worse by the weaknesses and vulnerabilities that continue to pervade critical IT infrastructures - despite billions of dollars invested in cyber security measures.

Answering these problems requires Internet-scale simulation environments, along with a comprehensive training curriculum and proven methodologies, to develop elite Cyber Warriors and simulate attacks on IT infrastructures. Military commanders, defense contractors, and even commercial analysts such as Gartner refer to these environments as “Cyber Ranges.”

Although Cyber Ranges are a necessity for training Cyber Warriors, in recent years the old approach to building them has been exposed as a costly and futile exercise. Flagship Cyber Range projects relying on that outmoded approach have wasted years and hundreds of millions of dollars merely to study the problem.

After this talk, you will be armed with enough information to go back and realistically build your own Cyber Range and effectively use it to make sure people are ready for the next big thing!

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