Amol Sarwate

As Director of Vulnerability Labs at Qualys, Amol Sarwate heads a worldwide team of security researchers who analyze threat landscape of exploits, vulnerabilities and attacks. Sarwate’s team develops signatures for Qualys’ vulnerability management service, which helps organizations improve their security posture. He is a veteran of the security industry who has worked for the last 15 years on firewalls, vulnerability scanners, embedded security at McAfee, Hitachi, i2 and other organizations. He presented his research on Vulnerability Trends, Security Axioms and SCADA security at many conferences, including, RSA, BlackHat, Hacker Halted, nullCon, Hack In Paris, BSides, HSNI and FS/ISAC. He regularly contributes to SANS @RISK, SANS Top 20 and writes the “HOT or NOT” column for SC Magazine.

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2015 State of Vulnerability Exploits