Jason Brown

Jason B. Brown is the Assistant to the Special Agent in Charge in the Secret Service’s Criminal Investigative Division. In this position, Mr. Brown manages the Cyber Intelligence Section which targets, identifies and apprehends the most prolific and profitable cyber criminals harming the United States. Additionally, he is responsible for overseeing the Secret Service’s network of 39 domestic and international Electronic Crimes Task Forces.

From 2008-2009, Mr. Brown was detailed to the Executive Office of the President where he served as the Director of Cybersecurity Policy with both the Homeland Security Council Staff for President George W. Bush and the National Security Staff for President Barack Obama. During an earlier assignment in the Criminal Investigative Division, Mr. Brown assisted with the establishment of the Cyber Intelligence Section. He subsequently assisted with the establishment of the Secret Service’s Critical Systems Protection program which utilizes the investigative expertise, training and equipment of the Secret Service’s Electronic Crimes Special Agent Program and Network Intrusion Responder Program personnel to support the agency’s protective mission through the identification and mitigation of cyber-based threats as well as those emanating from the expanding use of emerging technologies.

Mr. Brown has also been previously assigned to the Presidential Protective Division where he conducted numerous physical risk assessment and mitigation operations both domestically and internationally.

Mr. Brown began his career with the Secret Service in July 1999 in the New York Field Office. There he served as a criminal investigator and computer forensics agent assigned to the New York Electronic Crimes Task Force. Mr. Brown obtained his undergraduate degree in Political Science from the University of Kentucky.

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