Dave Millier

Dave Millier is well-known in the Canadian High-Tech marketplace, where he’s been helping customers with their security and compliance needs for over 20 years. For the past 15 years Dave has focused on growing one of Canada’s most-recognized MSSPs Sentry Metrics, which he recently sold to The Herjavec Group, Canada’s largest independent Information Security Company. As the founder of Sentry Metrics, he created and brought to market the industry leading Security and Risk Compliance Dashboard theSentry. Dave is continuing the development of this award-winning platform in his new company, Uzado.

Dave has presented at many network and security conferences including Network World, Comdex, InfoSecurity Canada, SC Congress and Sector, Canada’s preeminent Security Conference. Dave has written numerous articles for security and networking magazines, and is often quoted in the press and news stories. Dave was recognized as one of the top 8 security professionals you need to know in the GTA.

Dave is a recognized leader in the field of governance and risk compliance, and has helped a number of Canada’s leading organizations build their corporate security strategies, align them with regulatory and corporate requirements, and then implement strategies to help them “attain and maintain” their overall compliance.

When Dave’s not pursuing his plans for world domination, one client at a time, he’s an avid (amateur!) dual sport motorcycle rider, and loves to spend his spare time off-road motorcycling.

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