Binary Reverse Engineering for Beginners

Binary reverse engineering is a critical skill in the infosec world, from verifying crypto algorithms to finding and analyzing vulnerabilities and writing exploits. Our workshop will delve into the dark art of disassembly and provide participants with the tools and techniques required to practice it and develop the perceived "sixth sense" that accompanies expert reverse engineers.

This workshop will be utilizing the Binary Ninja disassembler software (Personal/Student or Commercial versions, demo version is not supported). If you have a copy of Binary Ninja, bring it! If you don’t have one, don’t fret. This year, Booz Allen Hamilton is sponsoring a 1-year Personal license for Binary Ninja, and all you need to do get a copy is register for a mailing list. Probably the best deal ever for a mailing list registration! As this is commercial software, government employees and those unable to receive gifted items must supply their own copy of Binary Ninja.

Participants must bring a laptop capable of running a Linux virtual machine via VirtualBox or VMWare (Player, Workstation, or Fusion).

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