Trip Wire(less)

At DEF CON 26, multiple guests of Caesars Entertainment properties were taken off-guard by the security practices employed by the hotel chain. A series of alarming tweets ignited significant press coverage, highlighting the inconsistent and poorly-published hotel policies. DEF CON management met with Caesars representatives, and were informed that while a Do Not Disturb sign will trigger a security visit by “clearly identifiable” hotel staff, no belongings should be disturbed, opened, or taken.

Planning on staying at Caesars property for DEF CON 27, or just concerned about privacy while traveling in general? This presentation will show you how to set up customizable travel “trip wires” that operate over 433 MHz and fit in a small toiletries case. With a Raspberry Pi, less than $20 worth of supplies, and an hour of spare time, you can configure 4 or 5 sensors that will alert you if your favorite things are moved, opened, or disturbed while you’re away from the room.

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