Post-quantum Crypto: Today’s defense against tomorrow’s quantum hacker

Quantum computers pose a grave threat to the cryptography we use today. Sure, they might not be built for another decade, but today’s secrets are nonetheless at risk: indeed, many adversaries have the capabilities to record encrypted traffic and decrypt it later. In this talk I’ll give an overview of post-quantum cryptography (PQC), a set of quantum-safe alternatives developed to alleviate this problem. I’ll present the lessons we have learned from our prototype integrations into real-life protocols and applications (such as TLS, SSH, and VPN), and our experiments on a variety of devices, ranging from IoT devices, to cloud servers, to HSMs. I’ll discuss the Open Quantum Safe project for PQC development, and related open-source forks of OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and OpenVPN that can be used to experiment with PQC today. I’ll present a demo of a full (key exchange + authentication) PQC TLS 1.3 connection. Come learn about the practicality of PQC, and how to start experimenting with PQC to defend your applications and services against the looming quantum threat.

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