Be an IoT Safety Hero: Policing Unsafe IoT through the Consumer Product Safety Commission

The persistent vulnerability of many IoT devices is a source of concern for security researchers and policymakers alike. In this talk Commissioner Elliot Kaye of the Consumer Product Safety Commission and Professor Andrea Matwyshyn explain the current regulatory landscape around information security accountability and safety flaws in IoT devices. After explaining the different roles of various federal agencies involved in information security and safety issues, the speakers will highlight the pivotal role played by the Consumer Product Safety Commission in overseeing IoT safety. In particular the talk will teach you about the history of the CPSC, the scope of its regulatory authority, the role of its testing labs, and its rulemaking and product recall processes. Most importantly this talk will teach you how to be an IoT safety hero by reporting unsafe IoT products to the CPSC through the website and provide you with an introduction to Commissioner Kaye’s newly-released safety framework for IoT.

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